Meet our team

Vitaliy Lyashenko Vitaliy Lyashenko

Vitaliy Lyashenko


Life is a miracle.
I'd like to believe that
we make it better...

Ilya Vorobyov Ilya Vorobyov

Ilya Vorobyov

Project Manager, Co-Founder

Each of our projects - like the signature dish of the chef,
seasoned team of creative solutions.

Dmitriy Timchenko Dmitriy Timchenko

Dmitriy Timchenko


However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at

Aleksey Rudnev Aleksey Rudnev

Aleksey Rudnev


I am proud that I can create by a new reality
and help others to be
transferred to it.

Roman Skaletskiy Roman Skaletskiy

Roman Skaletskiy

Front-end Developer

The smell of new-mown hay, the rays of the setting sun, her smile ...
... and all this in pure CSS3.

Anton Ganenko Anton Ganenko

Anton Ganenko

Front-end / CMS Developer

Make everything
as simple as possible,
but not simpler.

Konstantin Berkov Konstantin Berkov

Konstantin Berkov

Android Developer

The main purpose of applications to be helpful for users.
I like creating only this kind of apps.

Konstantin Babilunga Konstantin Babilunga

Konstantin Babilunga

Android Developer

I love my job. Android OS has great potential and I'm ready to disclose it to the full. Each of our work for me is unforgettable!

Sveta Sveta



I'm a good bad girl

Peter Braun Peter Braun

Peter Braun

iOS Developer


Anton Romanenko Anton Romanenko

Anton Romanenko

Back-end Developer

does not come to you ...
you go to it.

Vitaliy Litovchenko Vitaliy Litovchenko

Vitaliy Litovchenko

Back-end Developer

Do you want to change the world
- start with yourself!